Bengalis are very much passionate about food and clothes. Saree is the most preferred attire of Bengalis and so they are quite picky about saree. Cotton is one of the most popular fabrics for saree across India because of its comfort due to absorbency. Nowadays, cotton sarees have become internationally renowned for their extreme comfort. Among the types of cotton sarees produced by Bengal, the most in demands sarees are – 

Tant cotton saree : Tant cotton saree is one of the most famous and traditional segment of Bengal Handloom sarees and modern in outlook. These sarees are distinguished by its lightness and transparency. It is considered to be the most comfortable saree for the warm and humid Bengal summers. A Tant saree typically has a wide designed border and decorative pallu. These sarees are all season wear and can be customized into religious ceremonies specific outfits. 

Jamdani cotton saree : Jamdani is another famous cotton saree of Bengal. Jamdani is typically woven using a mixture of cotton or pure cotton and gold thread. The weavers mostly use geometric patterns, plants, floral designs to their weaving.  The Bengal jamdani weave form has enormous potential to make our traditional fabrics and design gain global appeal. The price of this saree depends on the standard of quality. 

Dhakai cotton saree : Dhakai cotton saree is an another popular part of bengal cotton sarees online. This saree is made with pure cotton. The sensitive weavers and artisans take inspiration for their weave design from the life nature culture around them, traditional Bengali design known as ‘Alpana’ and modern lifestyle. Generally dhakai saree is made of light colour and light design which is good for wearing in all climates. It is a perfect choice to wear in puja festivals, marriage ceremonies and ethnic functions. 

Muslin cotton saree : Muslin cotton saree is one of the best and prettiest cotton saree of Bengal. This is a cotton fabric of plain weave. Muslins are so soft to touch, ultra thin, ultra airy, very smooth in texture, almost transparent and the ultimate cotton fabric in luxury. Muslin are perfect apparel to wear in any season and any occasion.