Meet Bengal’s makers


Customs. Culture. Traditions. Things that make a civilization known for what it is. More than often these have had to be acquired, through the ages, by people of different ethnicity through painstaking efforts. But with Bengal’s sons and daughters, the story is different. It’s as if these things have been ingrained in them, flowing in their veins since time immemorial. Thus almost every other village and city has become the womb of a different form of art.

From the Dokra of Bankura to the pat-shilpa of Kalighat, from the bamboo works in the Queen of hills to the Kushmandi masks of South Dinajpur, the whole of Bengal is like that rare melting pot of style and traditions that oozes the richness of heritage from its every breadth.

At Bengal’s Makers, we are just trying to put in some humble efforts in order to preserve and bring to the canvas of the world, the melee of legacy and inheritance that our forefathers have handed down to us.  And merging traditions with modernity is our way of doing this. Let’s make the world a more beautiful place, the Bengali way!

A sentinel’s dream (Our vision and mission)

The world may not know it, but the Bengal that was once the forerunner, who heralded a new dawn in the realm of art and culture, today has many of its oldest and finest art forms fighting a losing battle. The lives of the people practicing these forms is not shining bright either. The need of the hour is not only to revive our finest treasures of art but to give their makers, the dues as well.

That’s where we come in. As Bengal’s Makers, we have embarked on a journey to celebrate Bengal’s art in way, that’s grander than any that has ever been. We do not only look nurture our art and showcase it in the arena of the world, it is also our motto to be the change that can inspire its practitioners to revolutionize Bengal’s culture and traditions. Come, jump up on the bandwagon. It’s going to be the journey of a lifetime!