Bengals Art And Craft

      West Bengal is known as best in it’s Art and Craft. There are lots of hidden talented artists live in West Bengal. May be we don’t know there name and talent, still their own crafts and creations glittering allover the world. We will be surprised if we see, how they are talented and create things in very innovative way and with low cost.

As we all know, these artists of Bengal don’t get their proper respect in regards of their talent.Our responsibility is to promote Bengal’s rich art and craft related information towards people.

There are lots of  art form and crafts exist in Bengal. There are 23 major Districts in Bengal and in different districts, different kind of art formats exist. Bankura, Birbhum, Purulia, Bishnupur, Nadia etc. are such districts, very well known for their rich art and craft. The villagers of these districts are basically born artist. They are passionate about their hand work. Now a days have come when their works are also getting exported to allover world. But still they are not getting their proper honor and fame.

Different Art Formats

We may not know that the names of crafts ( hand works ) of different district in West Bengal are named differently. Actually we can identify the district by the name of craft. Dokra, Teracotta, Soft Doll, Mask and Puppet, Wood Curving, Cane and Bamboo work, Kantha Stitch etc are such names of Craft of West Bengal.  For Example Dokra is a form of art and origin of it is Bankua, Teracotta is the format of Bishnupur, Kath Stitch also famous and it’s origin is Bishnupur, Purulia is famous for Mask and Puppet etc. In our next posts we will describe in detail about different format of arts. Also we discuss about the rich history of such origins.

Now a days have come when we all try to innovate every moment. We try to do something by our own and in different manner. Here the creativity comes. Bengals’ artists are so much creative in nature and everyday they are creating art which can mesmerize the world. We are now furnishing and decorating our home with these crafts which is pure innovative thing. So, Bengals art and craft has lots of potential to explore it’s glory in highest manner. Only thing is that we have to promote all the things. So, we are doing our job. And we have you beside us.