Bengal’s Handloom Sarees – A perfect blend of Elegance and Heritage

The identity of Bengal is carried by the rich culture and heritage. Bengal’s capital Kolkata – the former capital of India – is the birthplace of modern Indian artistic thoughts and is referred to as the “Cultural capital of India”. Like any other places, Bengal also has an eclectic mix of western wears with tinge of ethnicity which carries the tradition and culture simultaneously with our elegance of today’s lifestyle. In our society there are different types of clothes irrespective of age, gender, religion and place but only saree is such a cloth that every kind of women are always keen to wear. It is a traditional/ ethnic wear for Indian women. Indian sarees have a long history and the handloom sarees are a special example of that historicity. Bengal’s Handloom Sarees online have been able to take their special place in the modern society as well. Handloom sarees have always maintained their rich tradition with high modernity as much as possible and still doing so. To make this saree, every inch of credit goes to the artists and weavers. Khadi handloom sarees are a rich part of whole handloom body of Bengal. Khadi is also very famous fabric amongst the saree lovers especially among the women of the sophisticated families. The classic handloom sarees are known for their uniqueness and accurate weave design and craftsmanship. Handloom sarees have many varieties. Bengal’s “Kantha” stitched embroidery craft is one of them. Many types of handloom sarees are there. Some handloom sarees are good for casual wear, some are good for corporate culture. Some sarees are best for wedding collections and religious celebrations, some are perfect for parties. The handloom sarees are made of silk or cotton threads. Handloom saree weaving is basically a family enterprise, an example of Bengal’s cottage industries. The weavers or artisans use shuttle-pit loom or fly-shuttle loom for their handloom saree’s weaving patterns. The Handloom sarees vary in length and quality. Bengals makers has been carrying the beauty and the elegance of Bengali handloom sarees from the very beginning. You will find patterns of all types of handloom sarees on our site. Visit Bengals Makers and have a one of its kind experience in discovering Bengal’s handloom sarees online.