Summer is definitely not everyone’s favourite season. The reason is excessive hot climate and heavy sweating. So at this time people do not like to wear very heavy garments. They want to wear soft, thin, airy and light weight outfits. For that matter Handloom Sarees with cotton and linen works are the right decision especially for women who love to wear saree. Handloom Sarees are a traditional textile art of India. Several regions have their own traditions of handloom sarees. The most traditional sarees are made in Bengal. 

Summer comes up with hot and warm weather. It is the main reason behind choosing cotton as an important material. Cotton is always comfortable for its absorbency. Bengal Cotton Handloom Sarees are the best way to prevent scorching heat of summer. Beside comfort cotton handloom sarees come up with varieties of designs that can easily match your style. The sarees are very soft and extremely cozy and it is suitable for all seasons throughout the year. 

Tant Cotton Saree – also a valuable part of Handloom Sarees – is one of the most famous and traditional segments of Bengal and is modern in outlook. These sarees are distinguished by its lightness and transparency. It is considered to be the most comfortable saree for the humid climate. Tant cotton sarees are for all season wear and can be customized in different religious ceremonies specific outfits. 

Khadi Handloom Sarees are a rich part of the whole handloom body of Bengal. It is fairly light wear saree and applicable to all types of body composition. This type of saree comes with a fine weave, making it soft and comfortable even in extremely hot climates and it can be worn in any festivals and occasions. 

Linen is very strong and absorbent, dries faster than cotton. Linen is wrap-based fabric. It is breathable but has the tendency to be stiff. So when linen is combined with other fabrics the outfit becomes softer. Smooth in texture, soft to touch, durability, non-clinging nature, shades of colours, weave patterns – all these reasons make the trendy Handloom Linen Sarees a universally loved piece of attire and one of the most comfortable to wear in hot weather. 

The above mentioned handloom sarees are perfect for summer. These types of handloom sarees are a must have in your wardrobe this summer. Bengals Makers is always stocked up with the latest, classy, trendy and comfortable apparel for summer. Visit us ( ) and have a one of its kind experience in discovering to get the best compliment for your outfit and shop Bengal Handloom Sarees Online